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Welcome to my Blog site, I will keep this page updated with all my new videos and future projects. Have any questions, feel free to contact me at kesington00@yahoo.com

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Phuket Dreaming – Episode 3 “Paid Assassin”

In the third episode of Phuket Dreaming, Phuket Top Team’s Rob Lisita closes out his training camp for his outing against Eric Kelly on July 11 in Taiwan. Rob also parts ways with his cow and heads to the Patong District.

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Phuket Dreaming – Episode 2: “Where Will It End”


In the second episode of Phuket Dreaming, Phuket Top Team’s Rob Lisita continues his training camp for his next outing against Eric Kelly on July 11 in Taiwan.

Also, Ole Laursen and Sweden’s Zebastian Kadestam arrive in Phuket to begin training camp for Zebastian’s PXC Welterweight Title fight.

Episode 3 Drops Tuesday July 8th

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Phuket Dreaming – Episode 1: “The Legend of Bobby Baht”


In the first episode of Phuket Dreaming Rob Lisita fights Yusuke Kawanago in OneFC and begins training for his next fight. Meanwhile Boyd Clarke helps Luke Jumeau train for his fight in Dubai at Global Fighting Championships.

Episode 2 Drops Tuesday July 1st



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Phuket Dreaming – “The Work” (Scene From Episode 1)

This is a sneak peek into Episode 1. , Rob Lisita aka “Bobby Baht” gets back in the gym after his fight with Kawanago


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Phuket Dreaming – “The Legend of Bobby Baht” (Teaser Trailer)

Phuket Dreaming is a Documentary series following the lives in and out of the cage of MMA and Muay Thai fighters Living and training out of Phuket Top Team in Phuket Thailand.

This is an introduction to one of the main characters in the series, Rob Lisita aka “Bobby Baht” from Sydney, Australia and fighting for OneFC.



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Rollin In Dakar – Official Trailer

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Come share our vision to establish regulated, competitive mixed martial arts (MMA) in West Africa. The Lion Heart Initiative is a non-profit endeavor to introduce and develop MMA in the region, by introducing urban youth to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), Muay Thai, and modern reality-based MMA; concurrently, allowing visiting martial artists to experience traditional West African wrestling.

In collaboration with KOA Martial Arts in Stafford Virginia, Lion Heart Initiative organized its first event on African soil in November 2013, where they held BJJ seminars, MMA exhibitions, and cross-trained with traditional Laamb wrestlers.

Rollin’ in Dakar is a film about KOA team’s journey, the introduction of BJJ to Senegal, and the Lion Heart vision.

For additional information on this initiative,


or on Facebook at Lion Heart Initiative.

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